As the middle of August approaches, many see this a great chance to squeeze in those last few weeks of fun and enjoy the sunshine! It is also the time that you start saying and hearing the words ‘Back to School’.  Whether you’re a parent with your first child going into Primary school or something of a pro taking your child into P3, you will soon realise that the best deals can go quick or you’re left waiting anxiously for the store’s delivery to arrive.

To make sure you’re getting the most from your precious Summer holidays we have a fantastic back to school promotion in our Edinburgh shop running throughout July & August that will see your little monkey receiving the head to toe look, all in the one place.  At Treehouse weTheTreehouse-333 know school uniform prices can start to tot up and school shoes are a big contributor.

Well, why not combine your back to school shoes with a FREE HAIRCUT, saving you time and money!

Team Treehouse is made up of professional shoe fitters and experienced hairdressers to provide you with the best service imaginable.  Choose your school shoes from our familiar and quality brands such as Start-rite, Ricosta, Noel, Petasil, Kickers and New Balance. You can relax knowing you’re in expert hands while our professional shoe fitters find the perfect fit for your child. Once the beautiful new shoes have been chosen, you will be moved straight through to our hairdressers where we will have them camera ready for their class photos.

So how do you book? We have made it very simple!

  • You are able to book your back to school shoe and hair appointment together by calling our Edinburgh shop on 0131 2251242. We would advise booking in advance, but we will also accommodate drop-in appointments where possible.
  •  Shoe & hair appointments are 1 hour long, approximately 30 minutes each. Please let us know at the time of booking if you require extra time.TheTreehouse-376
  • The school shoes that are included in the offer are clearly marked and will be shown to you by a member of Team Treehouse!
  • All school shoes will also receive a stamp on the loyalty card.

For more information and extended terms and conditions on our offer please visit our school shoes special offer page

To ensure your don’t waste another second we also stock lots of other school basics including  school bags, nursery bags, school lunch boxes, socks, tights, name labels, shoe polish and school hair colour accessories. Shop our range of school shoes here at Treehouse.TheTreehouse-388

New Season in 2016

Hi everyone,

My name is Beth, and I am a podiatrist at Treehouse Childrenswear.  This blog entry is all about what to look for in a shoe from a podiatrist’s perspective, and all associated features.

Shoe fitting is extremely important for everybody, but especially vital for children. Childrens’ feet are much more flexible when in comparison to our own adult feet, and they are also constantly changing as they continue to grow. With that said, I hope that this blog will be helpful to us all when selecting shoes, especially in gaining knowledge of what features to look out for!

In regards to the styling of a shoe, there are so many out there! A good pair of shoes should fully fasten on the foot to gain optimal support for children’s feet. Certain styles of shoes, such as ballet pumps or flip-flops, are not the best choice for footwear, as children must grip their toes in order to try and keep their shoes on their feet.

From shiny patent leather to durable gortex, the material of shoes should always be breathable and ideally natural too! Natural materials allow the foot to breathe, which is overall healthy for your little one’s feet. Leather, suede, and nubuk are all great natural materials for shoes.

The most important feature to look for in choosing children’s shoes is support! A shoe provides its support at the ankle, and this part is extremely important for the mobility in children’s feet. Without going into too much detail…it is the “subtalor joint” that the shoe gives most support to, rather than the ankle joint. The best way to check for support in a shoe is to hold the shoe in one hand, and wiggle the heel cup with the other. The heel cup of a good, supportive shoe will not move. When carrying out this test for support, you are effectively mimicking your child’s foot when walking.

Testing For Support



Testing for Support in Children’s Shoes






More features to look out for when choosing your child’s shoes:

–       A thick sole: to aid with rock protection, especially on the cobbled streets of Edinburgh!

–       Flexibility in the sole: The sole should only flex at the toe joint. It is this joint that helps children to propulse their foot off the ground.

–       Volume of cushioning within the shoe: This absorbs the shock and the force from the ground with every step your child takes. The sole of each shoe should be covered with a cushioned insole. Also, there should be cushioning protecting the ankle from any sheering pressures.

       Heel height: This should be a maximum of 1.5cm. Anything higher than this interferes with children’s walking patterns.

I thoroughly enjoy helping customers here at Treehouse, not only with finding that perfectly fitting shoe but also with making the correct shoe selection that is best for the individual child. I always aim to find the perfect shoe to every child’s unique foot shape. I hope this blog has given you some insight in regards to what features to hunt for when selecting your children’s shoes. Lastly, don’t forget that you are always welcome to pop in at Treehouse Childrenswear for  professional podiatric footwear advice in person!

New season stock arriving daily, check out our website for styles.

Thanks for reading,

Beth :)



Team Treehouse meet many first time parents and parents to be and often find ourselves passing on little hints and tips we hear from other customers. We thought we’d invite customers to share their advice and put together a little advice tree by the till in store. The tree has been brilliant, and a real talking point, with some advice providing chuckles, and others agreed by all to be sound advice that parents to be should follow.  So here are a selection of the advice given by our wonderful customers. So if you’re expecting a new arrival or know someone who is, read on and share!

  • Plan visitors by suggesting a set time i.e 2pm-3pm (avoids visitors staying too long!)
  • Grandparents are good for many things – i.e buying first shoes!!
  • Rub vapour rub on soles of feet then pop socks on at night time for coughs. (Not sure of the science behind it, but it really works!)
  • Three words: EWAN THE SHEEP!
  • Build up your physical activity post-birth slowly. Start by  walks with baby in the pram, and don’t push  yourself too hard too quickly.
  • Buy a Sleepyhead nest for your newborn – best sleep aid ever!
  • Buy plenty muslin squares, you really can’t have too many. Aden & Anais are the best.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff – It gets easier! Good luck!
  • Enjoy it!
  • It’s ok to ask for help, it’s not a sign of failure but of strength and to value others and what they can offer.
  • When breast feeding don’t be frightened to eat adventerously. Kids pick up tastes through the milk and are more likely to enjoy a varied diet later in life!
  • Let them get dirty! (given by a grandparent who said kids should be allowed to play, get mucky and  a little dirt never hurt anyone!)
  • Don’t buy a bottle warmer – waste of money, simply use a large plastic beaker filled with boiled water and  pop in the bottle
  • In your change bag, pop in a spare top for yourself, you’ll be surprised how often you’ll need one!
Free haircut worth £13.50

Hi my name is Beth and I’ve been a shoe fitter here at Treehouse Childrenswear for nearly two years now.  I’m also a qualified Podiatrist completing my studies this year at Queen Margaret University.

It’s that time of year again, long summer days and the kids enjoying each and every one of them before the “back to school” time slowly creeps up. The hectic rush of “back to school” preparation is certainly not appreciated by many. Here at Treehouse we have tried to make “back to school” preparations easier than ever before. With a team of highly skilled shoe fitters and experienced hairdressers, you can walk away with new school shoes and a new head of hair, all from under one roof! Just to make the experience here at Treehouse a little more pleasing on your wallet, the haircut is completely free! Those first day of school photos will never look better!

The experience of purchasing school shoes specifically for going to school is a great way to emotionally prepare your child for returning to school or starting out for their very first time. The “back to school” shopping experience is a step towards the school doors, ensuring the idea of going to school more realistic.  Beat the queues with a personalised appointment where your child can have their school shoes professionally fitted. This year our variety of school shoes is bigger than ever. With styles like the Girls School Shoes in Start-rite Fleur or Noel Jones with a wide variety of sizes, widths, styles and fastenings.  And for the Boys School Shoes in Rhino Warrior and Noel Elliot B for a fantastic school boot, or a classic style with laces Ricosta Harry.

In between we have the best sellers featuring Start-rite Hat-Trick and Petasil Bonnie (now available in leather and patent).  After your shoe fitting, you can be whisked off to the hairdressing department to receive you free haircut.


Start-rite Back to School



When choosing a school shoe in store, take a minute at the end of the fitting and ask your little one to try and put their new school shoes on and take them off. This should be easy and effortless for them, if not maybe consider another style. For example if a lacing shoe is favored make sure your child can tie their own laces before returning to school. They take their shoes on and off more than you would ever think!

Shoe labels are available and we recommend you use shoe labels on EVERY pair of shoes. It’s a simple and effective way making sure your child comes home with what you sent them with. It will make the teacher’s lives easier too!

Whilst you are there sticking down your shoe labels, draw half of a smiley face in the left shoe and the other half in the right (or a butterfly, football etc.), so that when they are held together they match like a puzzle. This is a quick and easy way to help your child know which foot each shoe goes on. You’d be amazed how many kids go home wearing their shoes on the wrong feet each day!

To help keep those locks out of little ones’ eyes in the classroom we are also stocking this year a huge variety of hair accessories. It’s all gone bobble and band crazy! We have tried to match the hair accessories’ colours with the nearby schools, helping to create that uniform look.

School bags and lunch bags are available at Treehouse. Joules’ amazing lunch bags come with a free lunch box inside. We also stock lunch bags with thermal control for just £4.99 in a variety of designs!

Joules Dino Lunch Box









Hopefully this blog has relieved some of the pressure that “back to school” time may bring.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


Baby Shower

The baby shower market is massive right now, but if you are the friend or family member who has been tasked to plan the party – where do you start?  Here are our Treehouse hints and tips for organising a baby shower in a more simple manner.

From my trawling of the internet you’d think you had to set a ‘theme’ for the baby shower, plan games, decorate the venue, order balloons, organise personalised favours, provide a banquet of savoury and sweet foods, send out the photo invites and set up a shower in a more simple manner.

From my trawling of the internet you’d think you had to set a ‘theme’ for the baby shower, plan games, decorate the gift list.  An article in the Daily Mail reported that 1 in 8 spend in excess of £100 when attending a baby shower.  Wow!  This effort and expense could put you and the guests off more than a little…

molly mae baby

Let’s just set the scene here, the last few months of pregnancy for the mum to be is a cocktail of hormones, emotions and to-do lists.  I know just getting together with my nearest and dearest pals for an afternoon would be enough fuss for me.

Here are some suggestions for those that prefer it simple:

  1. Make sure you ask the ‘mum to be’ if she would like a baby shower.  It’s not for everyone and we all have different pregnancy experiences too.
  2. Keep it simple!  There is no need to set a theme and go crazy with decorations or balloons.  If you do want to go down a theme route choose something that relates to the mum-to-be, or perhaps the sex of the baby is known you can have some pink or blue table decorations.
  3. Choose a venue that suits your size of party – perhaps someone’s home, or a tea room.  We think The Pantry in Stockbridge is a great place or have you tried The Haven at Newhaven yet
  4. Who to invite?  I’m going to leave this totally in your hands – pals, work colleagues, mother and mother-in-law, kids?  If you do invite children to a baby shower the focus is on them rather than the guest of honour (just saying).
  5. Rather than sending out fancy invites, perhaps set up a facebook invite with the venue, times and details.
  6. We highly recommend cakes!  Make your own or contact Rosycheeks
  7. Love or loath a party game, we don’t think you can get through a baby shower without them!  My view is to have a laugh with some and provide something thoughtful or a keepsake with others.  Play one or play loads – I think this will depend on your group.  

Here are some that we have collected:

  • Chubby baby – everyone puts a marshmallow in their mouth and says ‘chubby baby’, repeat with another marshmallow until there is only one person left.  This is seriously funny and a good icebreaker.
  • Guess the baby photo – all guests bring along a baby photo of themselves, and the rest is self explanatory.
  • Guess that tune – all songs must have the word baby in them, and play only the introduction, quickest to guess earns a point.
  • Nappy changing time trials – change the nappy on the dolly under the stopwatch, fastest time wins.
  • Blindfolded Baby Pictionary – requires a flipchart and a blindfold, but very funny team game guessing simple baby items like; bottle, rattle, crib, teddy etc.
  • Mummy survival kit – a game without being to gamey.  All guest bring along a small gift or written advice for the guest of honour.  This is a lovely keep sake and something to cherish when the baby arrives.

Last but not least the gift – we recommend something useful, perhaps unisex and small.  You’ll probably buy a separate gift when the baby arrives so anything around £10-£15 is more than adequate.  Here is a link to our best sellers:

milestone 1

Remember it’s the quality time together that’s important and the little messages and advice for the mum to be.  Ridiculous themes, over expensive gifts and overdone decorations will not be remembered.  Have a fun baby shower and wishing all those mums-to-be a safe and healthy delivery.

Whether you’re glamping or long hauling this summer, let’s get summer ready with Treehouse’s hottest picks! Take a look through the very best kids swimwear this season.

Surf DudesBoys:
It’s all about cool shorts this year, and only the coolest designs will do! Let’s kick this off with Jnr Ocean by Joules : Swimming gets snappy with a  shoal of piranhas! These awesome shorts are sure to brighten up the beach and look cool by the pool. Finished with a mesh lining and elasticated waist-tie.
The Treehouse hot picks for boys also include the stars shorts and classic nautical themed pair.


Treehouse has chosen the one-piece costume as a summer staple for girls. The one piece allows maximum movement and our hot picks deliver substantial style points! Getting the summer party started is the Jnr Beach, 50′s style swimsuit by Joules! The 50s style frills and ruching lift this eye-catching lycra swimsuit out of the ordinary. Go on, give it a twirl!
For girls who only pink will do, try the Baby Cockeshl in pale pink or get in a flutter over our hot pick Hatley butterfly swimsuit!


Be sure to add Zoggs dive sticks to your beach bags for endless fun poolside! Complete any summer look with the very best of sandals from Start-Rite, Treehouse highly recommends ‘Cobweb‘ and ‘Honeysuckle’.

Thank you for reading the very best swimwear from your team here at Treehouse! It will be time to pack before you know it, so don’t forget the passports!

Head to toe summer styling at Treehouse. Here is everything you need for the kids holiday. Shop here>


Many of our customers visit the store either en-route to swimming with their toddlers or after and it was clear to me that swimming really is a great highlight of the week for many! And actually here at Treehouse swimming is a big part of our make-up with Kim and Sophie both having spent some of their happiest memories in the swimming pool as kids and also Beth adored swimming in the sea in Turkey where she grew up! Did you know that Sophie was a Junior Scottish Champion?!

So what does Edinburgh have to offer for parents wanting to take their little ones swimming? Are classes best or is it a do it yourself approach better? Also, what is essential to buy? So I’ve done a bit of digging around, asked many of our customers their experience and also spoken to an expert, Karina from Turtle Tots to bring you my blog on swimming!

Heading to the local pool?

The very first trip to the swimming pool with baby is super exciting, the opportunity to bond in such a special environment is amazing! From their very first trip they are embarking on what will become a wonderful life skill and a super form of exercise too. So for your little swimmers first visit to the pool a little preparation can go a long way. Here are some great hints and tips as featured on Parent Dish!

1. Always put a swim nappy on your little one before going into the pool

2. Avoid swimming if you or your little one has had a tummy upset in the past 48 hours

3. If you are going on holiday, it’s a good idea to get your little one water-ready first – even if it’s just splashing a little water over them in the bath

4. Stay by your little one at all times – not only is it safe, but it also helps form a close bond

5. To help your baby relax, keep your baby’s face close to your own and maintain eye contact. Smile, relax and drop down to the same level – your baby will love seeing you splashing too!

6. You may want to have your partner or a friend with you when you first start swimming, just whilst you get used to handling a wet baby

7. One of the best ways to get into the pool is to lay your baby safely on the poolside, enter the water and then lift him in

8. If you are new to baby swimming, go during off-peak times or earlier in the morning if you are on holiday – it makes the entire experience less stressful and more enjoyable

Our local pool to Treehouse is the Glen Ogle Swim Centre, situated between Stockbridge and Cannonmills is a hark back to Victorian baths but with a modern twist. Learn more about Glen Ogle at:

Leave It To The Experts

Many customers at Treehouse spoke so very highly of structured classes in and around Edinburgh, telling me that they enjoyed the routine, the expertise of the instructors and also the social aspect of getting to know other mums and dads also taking part! So here is my selection of the classes that really do get rave reports at Treehouse:

TT_logo-laquo_zpsaab466e1Turtle Tots: Classes take part in so many locations, that’s the great thing, you won’t struggle to find a class local to you! From the Novotel Edinburgh central, Oaklands School, to Bruntsfield Primary getting the right day and time that is convenient for you couldn’t be simpler! The classes begin during pregnancy and continues once your baby is born. I spoke to Karina from Turtle Tots, this is what she had to say:

Turtle Tots is an innovative and unique swimming programme, which begins during pregnancy and continues once your baby is born. Our Turtle Tots and Turtle Toddlers programme teaches you how to teach your child to swim in a relaxed and sociable environment. During our classes we will teach you how to teach your child to swim above and below the water and vital lifesaving skills.  Our baby programme has been devised in conjunction with a personal trainer to ensure that mums and dads also receive a work-out while swimming with their babies to help with post-natal fitness and well-9651_SplashAbout_HappyNappy_mpzbeing.

What makes us different?  PASSION for what we do!  We know how amazing and special each and every child is and want you and your child to enjoy every minute of our classes.  We are committed to helping your child to learn water safety and swimming skills in a fun way and we want you to have a really special time with them in the pool:)

Our classes run for 30 mins and we have classes 6 days a week across the city.  A typical 9 week term costs £112.50.”

Other great classes include: Water Babies; Taking part in various locations including St Crispans School and Braidburn School, the unique draw of Water Babies is that they specialist team of instructors actually teach a host of skills, including babies being taught their very own life saving skills! Run by Hugh and Aila Davidson, their testimonials speak for themselves  

Aquatic Learning; These guys provide high quality swimming tuition for all ages and abilities at affordable prices. Locations include AbbyHill Primary, Broughton Primary and Trinity Academy. Aquatic learning is recommended by many parents at Treehouse who have more than one child due to the friendly prices!

hnad-a2_2At Treehouse we are all keen to endorse swimming with kids and babies and can give great advice on essential swimwear required. We are delighted to be stockists of ‘Splash About’ and you are sure to be impressed with their ‘Happy Nappy’ and ‘Baby Wrap’ range available in store and online!hnnrs-l

 The ‘Happy Nappy’ is recommended by leading swim schools and is an award winning product, dramatically reducing the risk of leaks and fully re-usable. For baby, the Happy Nappy is comfortable to wear and offers 50+ SPF protection for when baby is in sunnier climates!

Splash About also bring us the splash-about-babywrap-gingham-02_8Baby Wrap’, specially designed to keep your baby warm in and around water. The unique open flat design of the mini wetsuit makes it fast and easy to dress baby too! Shop here for Splash About, swimming accessories and costumes:



So there we go, the Treehouse guide to swimming! We would love to hear more recommendations about the best classes or pools to share with our customers and so as always your feedback would be an absolute pleasure to receive. Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s blog!

Rebecca (Team Treehouse)

As part of my blog I hope to shine a light on some of our much loved brands, dig a little deeper, find out what is in store for them for 2015 and hopefully bag a little interview or two with people in the know!

So this month, drum roll please, it’s Start-Rite! As part of the brand spotlight on them I also had the pleasure of interviewing Stacey Wright.  Stacey looks after the Press and PR side of things at Start-rite and manages their social media accounts.

Beneath our roof here at Treehouse in Edinburgh we have a brand, a very precious brand to us, ‘Start-Rite’! What you may be surprised to hear is that they were actually founded 220 years ago!! START-RITE TEAL HERITAGE RANGE - COMING SOON So perhaps there really is value in the saying ‘In youth we learn, In age we understand’ Certainly this goes hand in hand with the ethos of Start-Rite ‘We understand children – We understand their feet’.  At Treehouse we believe that they not only understand, they lead the way, delivering bold, bright and fun designs, alongside  the smart and the classic children’s shoes. Of course no matter what the style, they all under-pinned with the very best technology for children’s feet, big or small so Start-Rite, hats off to you, you’re pretty awesome!

Start-Rite played a massive role for Treehouse Edinburgh in 2014, with so many precious little feet taking their first steps in the wee pre-walkers shoes and so many bigger feet striding out confidently with the Arachnid spiders on their shoes for the first day at school. Coincidentally it was the year that Treehouse customers saw Start-Rite commercials on the TV the first time ever – exciting times! It was however the iconic image of Prince George’s official Christmas photo wearing the splendid ‘Jo’ shoes that really signed 2014 off as a stellar year for Start-Rite.

As we entered into 2015, at Treehouse we were dying to find out what’s next for Start-Rite children’s shoes? So I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Stacey as part of my blog, it was a great opportunity to get the low down on 2014 and a sneak peak to what we can expect in 2015. So read on, there is even news of a Start-Rite and Rachel Riley, the acclaimed children’s wear designer!

Interview with Stacey Wright – PR Executive for Start-Rite

1. What were the highlights of 2014 for Start-rite?

Start-rite enjoyed many highlights in 2014. As part of our Back to School shoe campaign we launched an interactive advert which featured four new child-appeal styles, plus a free Start-rite App, where children can download our new Augmented Reality (AR) games – ‘Start-rite Shootout’ and ‘Princess Serena Charm Quest’. Start-rite Back to School advertWe have two exciting new games launching this year – ‘Cat Swipe’ and ‘Arach Attack’, which children will love to play. We also introduced Super Soft products into our First Walking range in 2014 which will continue into this year with new styles. The childrens shoes are great for supporting little feet as they’re made from super soft leathers and have super flexible soles to aid early steps and allow feet to move freely with soft protection. Then of course the year ended on a high as Prince George was photographed wearing our ‘Jo’ shoes in his official Christmas pictures. Start-rite have supplied over 1,500 pairs of shoes to royal feet.

2. What can we expect from Start-rite for 2015?

We’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Designer Rachel Riley for an exclusive ‘Rachel Riley for Start-rite Heritage Shoe Collection’ for AW15. This new childrens shoe collection combines Rachel’s unique talent with Start-rite’s reputation for the finest quality children’s footwear and is for girls from first-walkers to age 7 and infant boys. You’ll find traditional Start-rite designs with a modern twist, including glittering soft metallic suedes in classic Mary Jane styles and brogue lace-ups with removable fashion fringe for the boys. Start-rite are also introducing Teal to our colour palette for an exciting AW15 Start-rite Heritage shoe range. More will be revealed on this through our social media channels soon so watch this space!

3. What impact did the official photo of Prince George wearing the classic Jo’s have for Start-rite?

Prince George in Start-riteWe were delighted that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge selected our footwear for Prince George. The Duchess is renowned for her unique sense of timeless fashion and the style selected is from our heritage children’s shoe collection. As you would expect there was a great deal of activity on the Start-rite social media channels together with an increase in sales via This has been further enhanced by retailers calling to place additional orders for the style Jo, and of course much interest from our international partners.

Buy your Jo’s here:

4. Tell us about your Healthy Little Feet website and what would the benefits of registering?

Our Healthy Little Feet information hub will be re-launching in March with a fresh new look and will provide parents with all the support and advice they need when it comes to caring for children’s feet and finding well fitting first shoes. Once registered, they can use the Ready for Shoes checker to see if their little one is ready for shoes, plus information to help reassure and inform parents on the importance of healthy foot development and what to look for when it comes to buying kids shoes. There’s also a chance to win a year’s supply of Start-rite Shoes – so even more reason to sign up!

Useful website addresses -

We wondered if 2014 for Start-Rite could possibly be topped, well it seems 2015 is going to be bigger and bolder!

Remember that Start-Rite offer both size and width fittings, match this with expert shoe fitting from your team at Treehouse Edinburgh, and you’ve got a winning combination!  So let’s celebrate Start-Rite in Treehouse, come and see the new range for Spring 2015!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog this month!

Rebecca, Team Treehouse.


What’s in a name? Well the dictionary definition barely does it justice, telling us that ‘name’ is simply the title by which a person is known. However, as all parents to be will tell you after ‘do you know what you’re having?’ the next question your excited friends, family and the lady at the bus stop will ask you is ‘have you thought of any names’  And there in fact begins our 9 month obsession with names. It starts with the classic baby names book, we use high-lighter pens, post it notes, devise lists and chop and change our minds at least 500 times, all in pursuit of the perfect name!

2014 certainly shook things up, with Muhammad named as the most popular name, then followed by classics such as: Oliver and Jack. The girls remained somewhat familiar with Sophia, Emily and Lily taking the top spots. Taken from the Baby Centre.

So what influences our choice of names? Do we follow trends or tradition and can anyone predict the top names for 2015? Well let’s give it a bash!

2015 is promising to be a big year for names, as indeed we have a royal baby due and who could forget the fuss and speculation around George’s name! (By the way, Treehouse predicts Victoria for royal baby no.2!)

Certainly at Treehouse we see a trend that is refreshing, short, simple, unfussy and ‘very Edinburgh’ Names such as Ben, Finn, Max and Tom. The girl’s Eve, Isla and Iris and real charm without being greedy on syllables! We back this approach to naming and long may it continue

Keep an eye out for a new approach to names, they are almost unisex, and there’s something rather charming about the mystery of are they a boy or a girls! Names such as, Alexis, Casey, Devon, Tatum and Madison.

Let’s not ignore the Frozen effect, Elsa sky rocketed up the charts in 2014 and we can’t see parents letting it go any time soon! Even Olaf became a name of choice, and why not indeed?

Celebrities, they still have huge influence upon parents to be. Harper was a virtual unknown then after the Beckhams welcomed their wee girl with the name it is now a consistent presence. Could the same be said in years to come about Titan (Kelly Rowland) or Apollo (Gwen Stafani) At Treehouse we gave Greg Rutherford top marks with his handsome baby boy named Milo.

So here it is, our predictions for 2015!

Girls; Lana, Lila, Violet, Martha & Olivia

Boy’s:  Roman, Jack, Jesse, Jenson & Oliver.