Why we love the Mini Hornits at Treehouse….


  • It has 25 amazing and loud sounds including fire engine, trumpet, lion, magic spell, rooster, bomb explosion, burpfart, hornet, police car, lazer, zapper, UFO.  They are just really good fun!
  • It’s a safety product with both green and white lights plus the load noise to attract attention/send a warning
  • They can fit onto any bike or scooter with its wings
  • A remote trigger so no need to take hands off the handlebars
  • The cost is under £15, making this a perfect gift or stocking filler
  • Comes in 4 colour ways to suit all tastes
  • Suitable for all ages
  • They have won numerous awards (despite not winning the funding on dragon’s den)

Shop here – Mini Hornit



This is a day to feel proud of achievements, thank those we work with, and support those around us.  When women work together, pretty amazing things happen.  We don’t often share personal stuff but this feels like an occasion to show you what motivates and drives us to run a business.  I want to dedicate this blog to my sister Sophie who is my business partner, friend and to be honest, the boss.  Sophie you make this happen!

I’ve always wanted my own business and more than that I’ve always wanted a shop.  It’s the interaction with people that I love, and the instant feedback on our displays and the stock we carry.  There is seriously no better compliment than ‘I love your shop’.  My background is banking – retail banking.  I joined one of the large ones as a graduate and was a branch manager by 23.  From there I moved into training and HR.  After that I worked for my Dad which gave me the experience and drive to do something myself.  BUT could I do it myself?  What was my idea?  How could it be different than all the rest?

Sophie is my sister (8 years my junior), and having graduated in Retail, was working in London for a famous kid’s store.  We started to flirt with the idea of doing something ourselves and before long we had a fully developed business plan.  We work really well together; she’s detailed and I’m always planning the next step, she’s creative and I’m analytical, she’s cautious and I’m a risk taker.  The truth is we often disagree, but we listen to each other and the outcome is usually something in between.  It seems to work.

We have learnt so much along the way, especially when it comes to managing people.  There is no doubt about it recruiting, training, motivating and engaging a team to deliver the service you and your customers expect is the hardest part of running a business.  We currently have 12 members of staff plus us making up a team of 14.  Right now, we are all female and many work part-time hours to fit in around being a mum.  We have made mistakes in the past, but the important thing is to learn from them, and focus on the now.  Communication is absolute king and we operate a really successful system of a basic comms book that everyone reads at the start of each shift.  We will only move forward all together and I believe we have created our own treehouse family, who really care for each other in and out of work.

In a small business there is no fixed role for us or any of our fabulous female team – we are all business planners, merchandisers, buyers, accountants, marketers, website developers, social media directors, sale assistants, the list goes on.

Running our own shop as sisters is more than a career, it is a lifestyle and knowing when to switch off is what I’m working on this year.  I wonder what going out for lunch with my sister would be like without talking shop?!




…the FLOOD word! So now we are on the other side; safe and dry we want to say a massive THANK YOU for being patient and basically the best customers ever.  We are now OPEN for pre-booking haircuts and our toy room has been renewed and freshly stocked.  Our aim is now to wow you with first class service, and excite you with new season, high quality footwear, apparel and gifts.  Come and see!  We are in full swing with back to school – FREE haircut with every school shoe purchase until the end of August.

So, in case you haven’t heard, the week after we had the shop upgraded (we now have 3 units for our hairdressers to get to work on those kiddie’s locks) a flat 2 floors above had a water tank explosion.  This resulted in the back of the entire building being saturated with water.  Who’d think water could do so much damage over 4 floors?!  It has taken around 6 weeks to dry out with the help of specialists and removal of all ceilings, flooring and the plasterboard.  The last 2 weeks to rebuild the toy room and our basement.  We have to be extremely grateful that the water damage was contained to the back of the building and did not affect our lovely new hairdressing and shoe department.  During this time, the shop has been open in the large part but also closed while the noisy or dusty work has been carried out. 

We are now back open and stronger than ever.  We will focus on what we can influence which is bringing you high quality products that your kids will love for years to come and deliver them with a highly trained and professional team.  Right now, we have a lovely selection of leather school shoes from Start-rite, Ricosta, Noel, Kickers and Petasil alongside accessories so you don’t need to shop around; backpacks, lunch bags and stationery.

What’s new for Autumn?

·         NEW BRAND ALERT Frugi clothing and accessories arrived at Treehouse for the first time and is flying out the door. We are not surprised as its 100% organic and the collection is full of bright, fun, everyday clothing.  Perfect for a romp round the Botanic Gardens.

·         The new room is showcasing an exciting range of toys. Feast your eyes on new additions to our Lottie Doll collection with Always Artsy, Birthday Girl, Wildflower and Brownie Lottie joining the club plus accessories too.

·         The Fairy Door is back with new beautiful new pieces to entertain your fairy. Our fairy Yara loves her new notes package, decals, toadstool lamp and play accessories.

·         Our books have sprung to life with cool and funky new tales including ‘Flying Eye Books’ that look beautiful even as a bedroom decoration.  Usborne, children’s classics and activity books are also back in stock.

·         Quality wooden toys are what we do best and find our old favourites ‘Orange Tree Toys’ and new brand ‘Big Jigs’ that also offer a new ‘Green toy’ collection which includes aeroplanes, helicopters and diggers all made from recycled paper.

·         New arrivals being delivered across all footwear brands; Ricosta, Start-rite, Petasil, New Balance, Camper, Bobux, Froddo, Noel, Pediped

·         All new Tobias and the Bear, TurtleDove London, Organic Zoo, Bob & Blossom, Mayoral and Joules arriving daily.

·         Baby gifts; new stock of Sophie La Giraffe, neckerchews, blankets and much more.

Thanks everyone and see you soon.

Sophie, Kim and the Treehouse Team x




Reading Monkey

Get involved with World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March 2017.  At Treehouse we are massive champions of children’s books and reading, having stocked a large selection of books since we opened.


If you haven’t already been on to this website, then do it now, as there is so much amazing stuff that we can all use at home – click this link here World Book Day.  We particularly love the dressing up inspiration – be the best Gansta Granny ever, or Cat in the Hat, or Horrid Henry!  Also check out the Parents Book finder section if your are stuck for ideas – this area will help provide inspiration for books according to age and theme.  You are never going to run out of new books to read to your kids.

At Treehouse we have just had the biggest delivery of gorgeous books delivered in time for World Book Day.  We have a special offer on all books with 15% off from Monday 27th Feb until Sunday 5th March in store and online with the following code WBD2017.  Remember that we also host story telling every Tuesday morning at 10am with our very own Ericka, and its completely free.  Lots of inspiration into a world full of imagination and learning.

Free Story Telling at Treehouse




We love to set plans and objectives at the start of the year and feel a new sense of motivation for running a small business.  In doing so it is vital for us to look back at 2016 and see what you, our customers, loved.  What we do best, is delivering our professional services; kids shoes and kids haircuts, which have been hugely successful for us in 2016.  Both the parent and the child want a shopping experience and we can deliver this through our knowledge, our customer service, our high-quality products and our interactive fun shop.  Drumroll…..our top seller in the shop is RICOSTA SHOES, and we are going to tell you why these are the perfect brand for your kids feet.


6525239_269 BENNI

The product:

Ricosta is a German brand of shoe, and their infant range comes under the name Pepino (the ones with the clown box).  They are high quality and made with natural materials, but soft, light and flexible on the child’s foot.  Some of the main features include:

  • Padded round the ankles to avoid rubbing and provides a nice fit with no ‘gapping’
  • Linings made from natural materials – leather or cosy lamb’s wool which is best for comfort but also avoids that horrible foot sweat smell.
  • Breathable insoles that you can remove and dry out overnight.  Also, a good choice if your child wears orthotics.
  • Some styles are made with a sympatex membrane which means the shoes are 100% waterproof – perfect for our Edinburgh weather.
  • Lightweight sole – perfect for kids first shoes and as they grow.

Our shoe fitting service:

Shoe fitting is extremely important for everybody, but especially vital for children. Childrens’ feet are much more flexible when in comparison to our own adult feet, and they are also constantly changing as they continue to grow.

Here at Treehouse, our team are professional children’s shoe fitters, and bring their knowledge and experience to each individual child.  We start with the measurement of the feet, which will provide the length and width of each foot, as they can differ on most people. This measurement allows the shoe fitter a starting point for trying and fitting shoes. It is important to note here that the shoe fitter also identifies the shape of the child’s foot (longest toe, high arch, narrow ankle) as the measurement alone will not pick this up. It is however only once the shoes are being tried on, that the shoe fitter can test the width and the length for support and plenty of growing room. This may mean trying on a few shoes in different styles and sizes to get the right fit.


Summing up this best seller:

The combination of this high-quality product and also our knowledge and experience in shoe fitting ensures that the customer is receiving the best service possible.  We believe this is the reason for such a successful growth in Ricosta sales at Treehouse.

6525243_313 CHERYL

You’ll be glad to know that new season Ricosta has arrived for 2017 and available for you to browse online now.  We hope to see you in our Treehouse Stockbridge store soon and bring your loyalty card with you – 40% off the 6th pair of shoes purchased. 

6525236_126 NIPPY

Thanks for reading, Kim & Sophie



Dear Customer,

Thanks a million for your custom in 2016.  We have had a fantastic year chopping hair, fitting shoes and providing toys, books, and gifts for all those special occasions.  It’s such a privilege to be a part of your memory making!  Watching your babies grow into toddlers and  then into children getting ready for school is wonderful.  Thank you to so many of you who return season after season to shop with us.

Our team is getting bigger with a total of 13 of us now, and we are grateful to have them for delivering our promise of great customer service.

Within our personal lives, we have an exciting year to look forward to in 2017, as Sophie is getting married and Kim is due baby number 2.

At Treehouse, we have plans in place to improve what we do and how it’s delivered, starting with a new online booking system for haircuts which will allow you to book 24 hours a day!

More importantly, go and make memories, with those special little people in this upcoming few weeks of excitement and celebration!

The shop will be open until 3pm on Christmas Eve, then we will re-open on 28th December. This will be the first day of our MASSIVE sale with up to 50% off clothing, shoes, books, and toys!!!!


Kim (on the left) & Sophie (on the right) and all the Team


 Introducing the NEW deluxe range of Micro Scooters in the Mini and Maxi range……..


The award winning  Micro Scooter has been the firm favourite scooter by millions of parents across the world, and for good reason! This Swedish craftsmanship has been a leader due to their intuitive ‘lean and steer’ movement which is easily understood by children and helps improve balance and co-ordination.


The new micro scooter deluxe range came out on the market this year and steps up a gear in terms of function and style:

  • New height adjustable handle bars.  
  • A new handle plate has a raised silicone micro grip so it’s comfortable for little hands.
  • The stem of the scooter now features an anodised stem which protects your scooter from corrosion.
  • The weight limit has increased to 35 kg for the MINI DELUXE (normal is 20kg), 70kg for the MAXI DELUXE (normal is 50kg).
  • Unique deck with raised silicone Micro grip.

With the new age range and increased weight limit your scooter will last longer plus, with the new anodised stem the scooter will look newer for longer too.


Eye popping colourways in the deluxe range allows your child’s scooter to stand out from the crowd! Our Treehouse team are happy to help with any questions you may have and provide safety helmets and lights to make the scooter rides fun and safe!

Get the latest MADE magazine for a chance to win a FREE deluxe Micro Scooter. Competition ends December 9th 2016.

The doll that allows girls to be girls

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Lottie Dolls have landed in our Stockbridge store and we think you are going to approve.  Perfect timing for gift buying this Christmas!

We, like many parents, found ourselves fed up with the generic make-up filled, jewellery wearing, dolls which are overly sexual and promote unhealthy body images. 

After extensive industry research into what an age appropriate product would look like – Lottie has arrived to fill this gap.scooter

She is unique in that she is based on an everyday 9 year old girl who wears no makeup, no high heels and no jewellery! She is 18 cm tall and can stand on her on two feet – no toppling over for our Lottie!

This doll allows our children to enjoy playing safely with a healthy mind-set and means our little ones don’t grow up too quickly!

Lottie comes with her own gift box priced at £16.99 and is recommended for age 3-9 years old.


As the middle of August approaches, many see this a great chance to squeeze in those last few weeks of fun and enjoy the sunshine! It is also the time that you start saying and hearing the words ‘Back to School’.  Whether you’re a parent with your first child going into Primary school or something of a pro taking your child into P3, you will soon realise that the best deals can go quick or you’re left waiting anxiously for the store’s delivery to arrive.

To make sure you’re getting the most from your precious Summer holidays we have a fantastic back to school promotion in our Edinburgh shop running throughout July & August that will see your little monkey receiving the head to toe look, all in the one place.  At Treehouse weTheTreehouse-333 know school uniform prices can start to tot up and school shoes are a big contributor.

Well, why not combine your back to school shoes with a FREE HAIRCUT, saving you time and money!

Team Treehouse is made up of professional shoe fitters and experienced hairdressers to provide you with the best service imaginable.  Choose your school shoes from our familiar and quality brands such as Start-rite, Ricosta, Noel, Petasil, Kickers and New Balance. You can relax knowing you’re in expert hands while our professional shoe fitters find the perfect fit for your child. Once the beautiful new shoes have been chosen, you will be moved straight through to our hairdressers where we will have them camera ready for their class photos.

So how do you book? We have made it very simple!

  • You are able to book your back to school shoe and hair appointment together by calling our Edinburgh shop on 0131 2251242. We would advise booking in advance, but we will also accommodate drop-in appointments where possible.
  •  Shoe & hair appointments are 1 hour long, approximately 30 minutes each. Please let us know at the time of booking if you require extra time.TheTreehouse-376
  • The school shoes that are included in the offer are clearly marked and will be shown to you by a member of Team Treehouse!
  • All school shoes will also receive a stamp on the loyalty card.

For more information and extended terms and conditions on our offer please visit our school shoes special offer page

To ensure your don’t waste another second we also stock lots of other school basics including  school bags, nursery bags, school lunch boxes, socks, tights, name labels, shoe polish and school hair colour accessories. Shop our range of school shoes here at Treehouse.TheTreehouse-388

New Season in 2016

Hi everyone,

My name is Beth, and I am a podiatrist at Treehouse Childrenswear.  This blog entry is all about what to look for in a shoe from a podiatrist’s perspective, and all associated features.

Shoe fitting is extremely important for everybody, but especially vital for children. Childrens’ feet are much more flexible when in comparison to our own adult feet, and they are also constantly changing as they continue to grow. With that said, I hope that this blog will be helpful to us all when selecting shoes, especially in gaining knowledge of what features to look out for!

In regards to the styling of a shoe, there are so many out there! A good pair of shoes should fully fasten on the foot to gain optimal support for children’s feet. Certain styles of shoes, such as ballet pumps or flip-flops, are not the best choice for footwear, as children must grip their toes in order to try and keep their shoes on their feet.

From shiny patent leather to durable gortex, the material of shoes should always be breathable and ideally natural too! Natural materials allow the foot to breathe, which is overall healthy for your little one’s feet. Leather, suede, and nubuk are all great natural materials for shoes.

The most important feature to look for in choosing children’s shoes is support! A shoe provides its support at the ankle, and this part is extremely important for the mobility in children’s feet. Without going into too much detail…it is the “subtalor joint” that the shoe gives most support to, rather than the ankle joint. The best way to check for support in a shoe is to hold the shoe in one hand, and wiggle the heel cup with the other. The heel cup of a good, supportive shoe will not move. When carrying out this test for support, you are effectively mimicking your child’s foot when walking.

Testing For Support



Testing for Support in Children’s Shoes






More features to look out for when choosing your child’s shoes:

–       A thick sole: to aid with rock protection, especially on the cobbled streets of Edinburgh!

–       Flexibility in the sole: The sole should only flex at the toe joint. It is this joint that helps children to propulse their foot off the ground.

–       Volume of cushioning within the shoe: This absorbs the shock and the force from the ground with every step your child takes. The sole of each shoe should be covered with a cushioned insole. Also, there should be cushioning protecting the ankle from any sheering pressures.

       Heel height: This should be a maximum of 1.5cm. Anything higher than this interferes with children’s walking patterns.

I thoroughly enjoy helping customers here at Treehouse, not only with finding that perfectly fitting shoe but also with making the correct shoe selection that is best for the individual child. I always aim to find the perfect shoe to every child’s unique foot shape. I hope this blog has given you some insight in regards to what features to hunt for when selecting your children’s shoes. Lastly, don’t forget that you are always welcome to pop in at Treehouse Childrenswear for  professional podiatric footwear advice in person!

New season stock arriving daily, check out our website for styles.

Thanks for reading,

Beth :)